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We can provide advice and assistance with all types of Development Projects and land uses.

aSquare Planning
Established 2008

Professional Planning Consultants Based in Sydney, NSW

aSquare Planning are professional town planing consultants who strive to advice and support clients through the complex NSW planning system.

We provide an extensive range of services from general town planning advice and preparation of Statements of Environmental Effects to accompany Development Applications, to high level negotiation and assessment of the most complex proposals at Local Planning Panel level and proceedings in the Land & Environment Court.

We work with a diverse number of clients throughout the planning process including Councils, Architects and Developers. We can also offer a starting point for those unfamiliar with planning process, which can include the preparation and lodgement of development applications through to giving guidance and recommendations for industry related professionals.

Why Choose Us

Planning Services

General Planning Advice

Statement of Environmental Effects

Land and Environment Court

Assessment of Development Applications

Plan of Management

Exempt & Complying Development Advice

Planning Proposal

Representation at Local Planning Panel

The Team

The Team

Meet The Team

Lewis Adey

Consultant Planner

Boris Kozuchowski

Consultant Planner

Clare Findlay

Consultant Planner

Gillian Wong

Consultant Planner

Declan Hilferty Warren

Town Planning Assistant

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